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The First DVD entirely dedicated to leading in tango





The Secrets of Traditional Tango Series


Leading is essential to Argentine Tango, no matter what the style. For the first time on video, Sergio Segura Productions offers a full course on leading techniques. Anton Gazenbeek, recognized around the world as “the guy with the million dollar lead” shares his secrets for strong and clear leading. Aimed at leaders (both male and female) this DVD offers a very intensive course with all the information necessary to learn to lead with clarity, precision and confidence. Fascinating insight into the follower’s role as well as pointers and tips are given to make for a better understanding of the follower’s role in Argentine Tango dance. The system has been proven at the School of Traditional Argentine Tango in New York City and in all Anton & Sergio’s classes around the world and has met with great success.

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Tango al Revés Vol. 1

Tango in shadow position



For the first time on video the fabulous, fascinating and fun style of Tango al Revés is taught. A style of tango danced completely in shadow position, Tango al Revés or Tango Doble Frente offers a world of creative possibilities to the dancer. After over eight years of deep research into the style dancer, choreographer, teacher and tango historian Antón Gazenbeek brings us the authentic form of Tango al Revés complete with historic background information and anecdotes about its creation in the milongas and prácticas of the 1960s. Teaching according to the true method of Maestro Antonio Todaro, Mr. Gazenbeek, accompanied by Cecilia Gonzalez, takes us through an entire course starting with a number of creative ways of how to enter into the position and continues on with six beautiful figures

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Sergio Segura Productions presents for the first time on video a complete course of challenging yet fun material for the intermediate to advanced tango dancer. The renown tango historian Anton Gazenbeek and Natalie Laruccia,  bring you 8 complex figures complete with highly detailed instruction on both the man's and woman's role, the technique necessary to execute the figures properly, and historical anecdotes about those who created and performed these figures. As an added bonus, there is a photo gallery of historic, archival photos of famous tango Maestros from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. This is the truly a video not to be missed and a collectors item for those interested in historic tango. Don't hesitate. Learn it today!

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Advanced Tango

Figures & Sequences Vol 2

After the success of the first volume of Advanced Tango Figures & Sequences, Antón Gazenbeek & Natalie Laruccia teach eight more exciting and creative tango figures. They bring you challenging yet fun material complete with highly detailed instruction in both the man's and woman's role, the technique necessary to execute the figures properly, and historical background information and anecdotes about those who invented and performed these figures. Special detail and emphasis is given to the lead of the figures as well as the secrets of how to follow them well and how to best apply them to the social dance situation.

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DVD specially for beginners

Filmed in Club Sin Rumbo!

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Tango Salón:

"The fundamentals of social Argentine Tango"

This is a basic course for those interested in learning elegant, simple, authentic Argentine Tango as it was always danced in the salons and dance halls of Buenos Aires. Antón Gazenbeek and Natalie Laruccia, present a course with all the information necessary for the novice to get started on the right track with tango. Detailed explanation is given on posture, the embrace, walking, and leading and following as well as historic anecdotes on how the dance was traditionally interpreted. All the basic steps and elements are covered with detailed explanation on the leader's and follower's roles. Filmed in Club Sin Rumbo, the legendary tango club in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Urquíza, this video contains a special chapter on the "códigos de la milonga" or the etiquette of the milongas in which important details are covered such as how to ask the woman to dance, how to take care of one's partner on the dance floor, and other useful tips. As an added bonus, a historic overview of Club Sin Rumbo is given with an actual tour of the facility guided by tango historian and investigator Antón Gazenbeek.


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