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Antón Gazenbeek Biography

Dancer, choreographer, researcher & historian


The Dancer

Antón Gazenbeek is a highly talented, young tango dancer, choreographer, teacher, investigator, and historian. At 13 he discovered the tango in Holland and since then the music, dance and history of tango have become his passion. Antón has studied both social and stage tango with the best master teachers in Argentina and is an extremely versatile dancer and specializes in the style of Maestro Antonio Todaro, milonguero style from the 1950s, tango fantasia from the 1960s,  stage tango from the 1980s, and “Tango al Revés” or “tango doble frente”. The most influential teachers in his dance have been Maestro Raúl Bravo, Carlos Copello, Guillermina Quiroga and Nito García, among others.


In 2002 he moved to Argentina to study at close range the roots of tango culture. Big stars such as Guillermina Quiroga, Alicia Monti, Susana Rojo, and Carina Losano chose Antón as their partner for tours, shows, special exhibitions and teaching. In Buenos Aires,Antón has performed in the shows of Club del Vino (with Horacio Salgan, Ubaldo de Lio), Chiquilín Tango, Milonguísimo, Por Siempre Tango (TV progam with Silvio Soldan) and Esquina Tango (with Roberto Pansera & Alberto Podesta). He also has performed at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Lincoln Center in NYC, and the tango festivals of New York and the World Tango Festival in Buenos Aires for 2005 and 2006 and has appeared dancing tango on television programs broadcast all over Latin- and North America on channels such as ABC, The Travel Channel and has filmed tango commercials for The Tourist Channel which are currently being aired worldwide. He has also appeared on Canal 26 Argentina, NHK Japanese TV, South African TV as well as Univision and Telemundo Mexican TV.


As a tango professor, he has given tango classes in the Escuela Argentina de Tango, Unitango Academy, Tango Brujo and Club Sin Rumbo, as well as in all the major cities of the United Status, Japan, Korea, and China. Together with Guillermina Quiroga, he gave seminars and classes in Harvard University in Boston. All Antón’s teaching is based on his historic research. He is one of the very few tango teachers in the world with the ability to explain and demonstrate the authentic origin of each style he teaches.


He has starred in four tango teaching DVDs which have had great success worldwide: The Todaro-Bravo Tango System Vol. 1, Advanced Tango Figures & Sequences Vol. 2, Tango Salón: The Fundamentals of Social Argentine Tango, & Tango al Revés: Tango in Shadow Position. Antón is also the choreographer, creator and artistic director of the show “Anthropology of Tango Dance”.



Historian & Author


Antón's passion for traditional tango lead him to start collecting all types of photographic and video material related to tango. After nine years, he has put together the largest and most important tango video collection in the world (now with well over 1,000 videos from all time periods).  He has written articles for many magazines including those of the Asociación de Maestros, Bailarines y Coreógrafos de Tango Argentino, Explore Dance in the USA, and Tango Danza in Germany. Antón is a highly recognized expert on the show “Tango Argentino” and on the life of Antonio Todaro and is constantly consulted by different types of media including Balletin Dance and El Tangauta to collaborate on articles about those topics. Antón gives lectures on the history of tango with videos from his private collection and has been invited to give lectures together with big tango personalities such as Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Maria Nieves, and Juan Carlos Copes.  Recently he gave a presentation for the University of Carnegie Mellon, invited by the Pittsburg Tango Association. He is at the moment writing two books on the origins and evolution of tango and is finishing up two film documentaries filmed entirely on location in Buenos Aires.  




Contact Antón at: antontango@yahoo.com



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