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New York City

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A company totally dedicated to Argentine Tango

Sergio Segura Tango Productions exists with the purpose of celebrating and preserving the heritage of authentic Argentine Tango through the investigation and documentation of the roots of tango history for those who are or are not familiar with Argentine Tango and its rich culture through the production of shows, cultural and educational events related with tango.

Strictly Tango Dance Company, with 4 main couples and guests musicians and artists, is under the artistic direction of the Broadway Tango Legend Nelson Avila.  Our company is the only steady performing tango group in USA. They have been participated in several major events representing Argentine Tango including the NYC Tango Festival, Columbia University, New York University, Yonkers Public Library, Union League, The Players House, Dances of Vices, Central Park, Dance Parade Stage. The company also has a variety of tango related artists such musicians, singers, children, elderly couples and same sex dancing.

Sergio Segura also has produced several shows and events such as Soles Ablaze, Anthropology of Tango Dance, Amor y Tango, Queer Tango Festival, Cocktail Tango, Splash Tango Bar, Alpha Tango among others.

In order to preserve the old styles of dancing, he has created the “Strictly Tango NYC” dance school in New York City, oriented towards teaching tango in social and performing disciplines, with a very strong traditional content and teaching method.



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To book us: ~ 917-373-7446



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